Reflections, Lichtenstein, two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s Modern One

Reflections, Lichtenstein, two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s Modern One

Saturday, March 14, 2015

This weekend saw the opening of two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s National Gallery of Modern Art. Wikinews attended Thursday’s press preview for the event where a full contingent of the capital’s press turned out to see the striking collection of paintings, photographs, and other works. Presented below are a selection of images captured at the preview.

REFLECTIONS: A Series of Changing Displays of Contemporary Art, billed as a showcase of a “diverse range of internationally-renowned contemporary and modern artists” is to display major works from the Gallery’s permanent collection, alongside important loans. Alongside this broad range of works, a three-room display of pieces on-loan from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation — with a dramatic painted steel relief, ‘borrowed’ from the Tate in London — runs from March 14 through to January 10 next year.

Admission to both exhibitions is free; being located in Dean, to the north-west of Edinburgh’s city centre, a free Gallery bus service is available.

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2008 Canadian Championship: Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact

2008 Canadian Championship: Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 27, 20087:30 PM (EDT)
Toronto FC 1–0 Montreal Impact Saputo Stadium, Montreal, Quebec Attendance: 12,083 Referee: Paul Ward
Brennan 32’Wynne 37’Dichio 41’Smith 41’Valez 72′ (1) 24′ Di Lorenzo 24′ Ribeiro 37′ Pesoli 53′ Pesoli

Toronto FC opened up the Nutrilite Canadian Championship with a 1-0 win against Montreal Impact at Saputo Stadium on Tuesday night.

Reds defender Marco Velez scored the only goal of the game, 1st in tournament history. Velez jumped to head home a cross from Laurent Robert. The goal came in the 72nd minute.

Montreal played for much of the 2nd half with 10 men after defender Stefano Pesoli was sent off for a second yellow card.

Toronto FC striker Danny Dichio has been struggling with a groin strain in recent weeks and was forced to leave the game before half time. He was replaced by Jarrod Smith.

Toronto FC now prepare to face Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at BMO Field. Toronto FC play their next Nutrilite Canadian Championship game on July 1st against Vancouver Whitecaps at BMO Field. The Impact’s next game is on Friday against the Portland Timbers at Saputo Stadium.

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Need Quality Excavation Services? Call Demolition Experts

byAlma Abell

When you have a new home site that needs to be readied for construction, demolition experts are likely to offer the land prep services you need. In fact, companies can often provide roll-off containers, Quality Excavation services, safe building demolition, and a range of trucking services, all customized to meet your particular needs.

Demolition Services for Every NeedProfessionals can safely demolish residential or commercial buildings of any size, including concrete structures. They safely remove and dispose of asbestos and other hazardous materials. Debris is efficiently and safely hauled away and disposed of or recycled.

YouTube Preview Image

Roll-off Containers for Every ProjectExperts such as Nitti Rolloff & Demolition Services, Inc. provide a range of waste containers for use by contractors and home owners. Their dumpsters are safe for surfaces, and do not gouge concrete. Roll-off containers are typically available in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 yards. They are delivered to demolition, construction, and renovation sites, where they are used to collect waste and debris. Once full, clients can call suppliers, who will empty the containers and return them, if needed. The process is repeated throughout projects. Roll-off providers also recycle, and forward tons of debris to processing plants, where it is made into materials that can be used to create new products.

Excavation Services for Jobs of Any SizeDemolition professionals can prepare commercial or residential sites for construction. Their Quality Excavation services include land clearing, basement excavation, tear-outs, and water re-connections. They connect or reconnect sewers and offer grading and soil correction. Experts install access roads, dig foundations, clear fields, and provide trenching. They also haul away the debris.

Trucking Services for Every CustomerClients can call demolition experts when they need trucking services, such as debris removal and hauling. Experts offer same-day service and provide short or long-distance hauling. They also consult with clients, to develop equipment and service plans for future projects.

Demolition professionals often provide a range of building services and offer customers one-stop shopping. Clients can contact one company and arrange for excavation, trucking, demolition, and roll-off container services. Professionals often provide same-day services, and will help customers plan services for future needs.

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Google phases out IE6 support

Google phases out IE6 support

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google has started phasing out support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), following a hacking attempt that exploited an IE6 vulnerability, despite the flaw being fixed promptly.

From March 1 on, some services, such as Google Docs, will not work “properly” when accessed from the browser. Google recommends that both firms and end-users upgrade “as soon as possible”. Google now only officially supports Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 4+ and Safari 3+.

Hackers exploited a weak spot in Internet Explorer to find the contents of Gmail accounts of human rights activists in China. Following this, both the French and German governments advised that users should switch to a different browser until the flaw had been plugged.

Microsoft issued a patch quickly after the revelations, pushing out a scheduled update just under three weeks earlier than they had scheduled. The software giant normally issues updates once a month, but the high press coverage led it to run an unscheduled update. However, Microsoft admitted that they knew about the problem “since early September”, and were planning to patch it in February, leaving the hole open for five months.

?The web has evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice.

Rajen Sheth, the Senior Product Manager for Google Apps, said in a blog post that the web had “evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice”, and that “very old browsers cannot run many […] new features”.

20% of users still use the browser, released in August 2001 in order to complement the then-new Windows XP operating system, including many governments. Microsoft will support the browser until 2014, although the browser has attracted strong criticism among people in the web industry.

The bad publicity garnered from the attacks has allowed rivals, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google’s own browser, Chrome, to gain market share, allowing the open-source Firefox, of which a new version (3.6) has just been released, to claw a 40% share, close to overtaking Microsoft’s 45%.

Last July, Google also dropped IE6 support from the popular video sharing site, YouTube. Popular sites, such as Facebook and Digg, have also dropped support. IE6 does not support several key technologies, making compatible web-design hard to do. For example, it does not render partial transparency in png images, and many site designers must work around the fact that Internet Explorer 6 does not support many important parts of the cascading style sheets (CSS) family of standards, which is how the majority of websites are designed.

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“Jezebel of Jazz” Anita O’Day dies at age 87

“Jezebel of Jazz” Anita O’Day dies at age 87

Friday, November 24, 2006

Anita O’Day, best known for her sassy rendition of “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Honeysuckle Rose” died in her sleep early Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2006. She was 87.

Known as the “Jezebel of Jazz,” she was one of America’s most respected jazz vocalists whose vocal contemporaries included Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.

A Chicago native, she gained national recognition while touring with Jazz legends Gene Krupa and Stan Kenton. Her first national hit was on “Let Me Off Uptown” with Gene Krupa’s orchestra, which became a million dollar seller. Downbeat magazine named her “New Star of the Year” in 1942. After touring with Stan Kenton and his Orchestra, and recording “And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine,” her talent shown as a solo star. Her style became a foundational influence upon modern jazz recordings.

Her innovative scat style singing and lyrical ballads were recorded on Verve Records in the 1950s. Her colorfully innovative vocal style was evidenced in motion pictures “The Gene Krupa Story” and “Jazz On A Summer’s Day.”

Having a close brush with death from heroin addiction in 1967, she also survived alcohol addiction. She completed her autobiography “High Times, Hard Times” in 1981 and is the subject of a full-length documentary “Anita O’Day – the Life of A Jazz Singer,” which has yet to be released. Her last album, which she recorded at age 85, “Indestructable Anita O’Day,” on the Kayo Sterophonics/MRI label, was released last year.

Robbie Cavolina, her manager, said she was recovering from pneumonia at a Los Angeles convalescent hospital. And recollected that “On Tuesday night, she said to me, ‘get me out of here.’ But it didn’t happen.”

Referring to her renewed musical activity, he said that “She got to see how many people really loved her at the shows we did, in New York, in London. She had come back after all of this time. She really lived a very full and exciting life.”

Born Anita Belle Colton O’Day, October 18, 1919, she escaped from a broken home at age 14, and began contesting with touring walk-a-thons popular at the time, and was occasionally asked to sing. Upon her return to Chicago, she landed her first legitimate singing job at Planet Mars, a Chicago nightclub. Carl Cons, Down Beat magazine’s then-editor, was so impressed with her performance that he invited her to open his new jazz club.

As a showcase for promising jazz talent, The Off-Beat was frequented by such musicians as drummer Gene Krupa, and others. During one of her performances there in 1941, Krupa recruited her to join his orchestra.

In 1943, Anita left Krupa’s band and married professional golfer Carl Hoff. She later briefly joined clarinetist Woody Herman’s band, then reluctantly Stan Kenton’s. Thinking her style wasn’t compatible with hers, she was surprised when in 1944 the tune “And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine” became a national hit.

Anita’s fierce love of swing beats, conflicted however with Kenton’s infatuation with strident rhythms and novelty tunes, and a year later, left over artistic differences.

Her improvisational style, and love of bebop lured her toward those with whom she could hone her talent, and by the late 1940s began her career as a solo jazz vocal artist.

She invited John Poole, a drummer whom she met at the Club Starlite in Los Angeles, to join her. She once said of John, “If the drummer is no good, I can’t make it. That’s why I like John Poole. He’s my favorite drummer.” Their musical affiliation lasted 32 years.

In 1955, Norman Granz signed Anita to his company, Verve records, and her debut album “This is Anita” was the label’s first LP. Though she rarely sang ballads, her interpretation of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” was considered so enthralling and fascinating that rocketed her career to new levels.

Her performances with jazz greats Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington, Thelonious Monk, George Shearling and others were renown. She became an international star after her performance of “Jazz on a Summer’s Day” at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, which later became a documentary film.

Anita recorded 16 albums between 1957 and 1963 with a variety of groups, ranging from small ensembles, big bands to large orchestras. Her performances’ ranged from vibraphonist Cal Tjader to The 3 Sounds, a hard bop trio. Her first Japanese tour in 1964 was received with acclaim while stateside, the popularity of jazz was decreasing.

Her nonconventional, self-initiated cold-turkey recovery from heroin addiction at a Hawaiian retreat was successful, and she later returned to work. Her last public performance was at Hollywood, California‘s Cinegrill Cabaret Lounge at age 83.

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The Benefits Of Doing The Res Course

The benefits of doing the RES course



It is a great practice to define your inherited skills and enhance them by taking proper education to prosper your knowledge about the same. There is always some scope of learning at every phase in life and in any sector. Many a times, people take this for granted by thinking that they have the right potent, resources, acumen, and natural instinct to help them grow in the business. What about any practical experience or on-field knowledge in the respective field, do they have that? Such people generally are impulsive in decision-making and cannot survive the changing business models, working strategies and tactics involved in the line of business they are into. It is very important to understand the business practices and protocols thoroughly to stay and place a firm foot in the market.

This is especially true in the case of Real Estate sector. You might have the urge to grow as a salesperson in the property sector; but this alone cannot form the base of your career. You need to act smartly and therefore you should gain the knowledge in the best possible way. There are many managerial courses available. However, most of these are very generic courses. There is but one course RES that has a specially designed syllabus to render the best details and learning required to be a great salesperson. The real estate salesperson course equips the candidate undertaking the course with all the required knowledge necessary to take up the salesperson career in the property sector. Following are the benefits of this course:

* It is affordable and offers flexible learning. If you cannot dedicatedly spend 6 hours a day for the course, there are part time courses to meet your needs as well.

YouTube Preview Image

* It helps you develop all round skills soft skills, technical skills like analyzing a property, finding the best deal for a client, keeping yourself updated with the market trends and so on and so forth.

* This course also makes you technology savvy. In today s age, it is very important to be brisk and prompt and easily reachable. Only then can you win over the clients and give an edge to your services.

Definitely, the real estate course is a must- go- for course. With all these benefits, one can simply assure better services to the clients and their retention for future deals as well. In this sector, people rely on the word of mouth policy that helps in building up your reputation as a good salesperson in the market. Moreover, this source is a step to get the certificate and agency number which in turn helps to draw more clients. So are you ready to provide better and at par services to your clientele or stick to the traditional practices alone?

Pioneer Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd is a recognized core competency based

real estate course



provider . We are one of the CEA approved

RES Course provider

in Singapore

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New edition of Canada’s Food Guide released

New edition of Canada’s Food Guide released

Thursday, February 8, 2007

A new version of Canada’s Food Guide was announced by Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement on Feb. 5, 2007. The guide has helped Canadians with healthy eating habits since 1942 but was last updated in 1992. It is the Canadian government’s most-requested publication after income tax forms.

Changes to the Food Guide include:

Examples of the Food Guide’s four groups (clockwise from top left): vegetables and fruit, grain products, meat and its alternatives, milk and its alternatives
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Wikinews interviews Democratic candidate for the Texas 6th congressional district special election Daryl Eddings, Sr’s campaign manager

Wikinews interviews Democratic candidate for the Texas 6th congressional district special election Daryl Eddings, Sr’s campaign manager

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Wikinews extended invitations by e-mail on March 23 to multiple candidates running in the Texas’ 6th congressional district special election of May 1 to fill a vacancy left upon the death of Republican congressman Ron Wright. Of them, the office of Democrat Daryl Eddings, Sr. agreed to answer some questions by phone March 30 about their campaigns and policies. The following is the interview with Ms Chatham on behalf of Mr Eddings, Sr.

Eddings is a federal law enforcement officer and senior non-commissioned officer in the US military. His experience as operations officer of an aviation unit in the California National Guard includes working in Los Angeles to control riots sparked by the O. J. Simpson murder case and the police handling of Rodney King, working with drug interdiction teams in Panama and Central America and fighting in the Middle East. He is the founder of Operation Battle Buddy, which has under his leadership kept in touch with over 20 thousand veterans and their families. He was born in California, but moved to Midlothian, Texas. He endeavours to bring “good government, not no government”. Campaign manager Faith Chatham spoke to Wikinews on matters ranging from healthcare to housing.

An Inside Elections poll published on March 18 shows Republican candidate Susan Wright, the widow of Ron Wright, is ahead by 21% followed by Democrat Jana Sanchez with 17% and Republican Jake Ellzey with 8% with a 4.6% margin of error among 450 likely voters. The district is considered “lean Republican” by Inside Elections and voted 51% in favour of Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election. This is down from 54% for Trump in 2016’s presidential election, the same poll stated.

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Athens bank fire kills three as Greece goes on strike

Athens bank fire kills three as Greece goes on strike

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three people have died after a fire in an Athens bank as protesters fill the streets to demonstrate against austerity measures aimed to save Greece from its massive debts. Many of the nations services were shut down yesterday in a sweeping 24-hour strike, which follows on from earlier strikes and protests Monday.

Protesters reportedly smashed the windows of a Marfin Bank building, and proceeded to hurl bombs containing petrol into the building. Three people, two men and a pregnant women, died of asphyxiation in the resulting fire, and around twenty people were rescued from the wreckage by firefighters. Police in Athens were placed on high alert in response to the attacks.

Up to 100,000 people were reported to have taken part in the demonstrations, the largest since Greece’s economic crisis began last year. In addition to the bank bombings, protesters reportedly set fire to other buildings, cars and bins, as well as setting up barricades in the streets. Protesters also attempted to storm police surrounding the Greek parliament, using marble broken from buildings as weapons.

Police responded by using tear gas and water cannons against protesters; a journalist for Al Jazeera in Athens said that “[i]t looked like a pitched battle for quite a while. An awful lot of tear gas used by the police, they would say no doubt to protect the parliament building and perhaps the people in it.”

The protests occurred during a nationwide strike protesting the austerity measure enacted by the government. The strike has ended all public transportation in the country, as well as services provided by public services like schools, hospitals, and government offices.

The Greek government has been attempting to get funds from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in response to the country’s debt crisis. Austerity measures were a requirement for getting such funds, and despite the protests, it’s considered unlikely that the government will give up its efforts to enact the measures.

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Article Marketing For Business Leads And Revenue Generation

Article Marketing for Business Leads and Revenue Generation



Article Marketing has emerged as one of the preferred alternatives when it comes to promoting your business online. While most would consider it a simple and easy task, the fact remains that there are a number of points that must be kept in mind and any related error can do more harm than good in relation to website ranking and traffic.

Why Article Marketing?

The basic purpose for which article marketing is done include

* Generating interest among internet users for your website

* Improve search engine rankings by creating backlinks

YouTube Preview Image

* Establish credibility of the site

A good marketing strategy is certainly a necessity when it comes to getting the desired results and the recent algorithm changes by leading search engines have taken the importance of the same to a new level. Incorrect approach and random backlinks that are of poor quality or do not bear any resemblance to the site they are pointing to can lead to fall in ranking. An expert of the field can help you in opting for the right approach and getting the desired results.

Press Release Marketing

Just like article marketing, Press releases have also emerged as preferred link building solutions. The only difference being that instead of writing articles and submitting to article sites and blogs, you focus on press releases containing NEWS and publish on paid and free PR sites. The basic purpose of both is same.

The Process

Here is the detailed procedure when it comes to using article marketing for your business.

* Figure Out The Market Niche

The very first thing that you need to do is identify the market niche. This means that the articles that you are going to publish should be related to the niche your site caters to. If you are selling shirts, make sure you write about fashion, shirts and related topics.

* Article Titles

Titles play a vital part in attracting not only the readers but also the search engines. Ensure that they are short and precise and are able to represent the information that one can find in the article. Using the keywords in the right manner can also prove useful and an expert can guide you in the right direction.

* Article Body

Articles should be informative and interesting. Better formatting and inclusion of images are able to attract the readers better.

* Summary

While most ignore the section, the fact remains that the very first impression is made by the summary section. A well drafted summary can lead the reader to go through the entire article.

* Publish Articles

* Article Directories

* Blog Posts

* Networking Sites

is a low cost-

article submission service

website that you can use for your article and press release marketing. In addition to being affordable, it is a totally SEO-friendly submission site thas is a terrific source for any company making use of article marketing.

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