Stationary Exercise Bicycles

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Bike riding is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Bike riding also provides an excellent low impact lower body workout. Many busy and active people find that the use of a stationary bike in their own home provides them the availability to get a work out whenever they want, regardless of time of day, or weather conditions. Some choose to purchase their bicycles with monitors that measure heart rate, fat burning zone and cardio zone to keep track of their fitness levels.

Stationary exercise bicycles generally come in two different models, the standard upright and a recumbent. Standards mimic a conventional standard bicycle where you sit upright in the seat. However, just like on a conventional bicycle some find that the longer they sit on a bike the more aching they have in their lower back or groins. This can sometimes be corrected with a padded seat.

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A recumbent stationary bicycle is very well suited to those who suffer with chronic back pain or with lower back problems. You sit down into a very wide saddle seat with a well cushioned back. You sit and lean back into the seat on a recumbent bike, with your legs extended out in front of you. It’s like sitting in your favorite reclining chair. Recumbent bikes produce less strain for your knees and lower back.

Whatever your level of fitness remember to start slowly. You will want to warm up your muscles before you start pushing them. There is no better way to burn fat than an aerobic program. Stationary bike riding is a very good way to introduce interval training into your fitness program.

If you’re interested in more of a total body workout you can look into stationary bikes that have handlebars that you pull and push away from you as you pedal. If you choose a standard stationary bicycle you will want to make sure that you get an upper body workout using weight lifting or resistance training.

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Honda Civic tops Canada’s list of most stolen cars

Honda Civic tops Canada’s list of most stolen cars

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The 1999 and 2000 year model Honda Civic SiR tops the list of Canada’s most stolen cars.

Consumer popularity also assures the cars will be popular with thieves. Its the second year in a row the Honda SiR has topped the list.

Rick Dubin Vice President of Investigations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada said “The Civics are easy targets.”

Dubin said that once stolen, the cars are most often sold to “chop shops” where thieves completely dismantle the vehicles. The automobile’s individual parts are worth more than the entire car.

The sheer numbers of the cars and their lack of theft deterrent systems make them thieves’ preferred choices.

1999 and 2000 Honda Civics do not come with an electronic immobilizer, however all Hondas from 2001 and onward are equipped with an immobilizer. Immobilizers will be mandatory on all new cars sold beginning September 2007. The devices enable an engine computer to recognize an electronic code in the key. If the code in the key and the engine don’t match exactly, the vehicle can’t be started.

In third place was the 2004 Subaru Impreza, while the 1999 Acura Integra came in fourth, with the 1994 Honda Civic rounding out the top five.

In sixth place, the 1998 Acura Integra, and the 1993 Dodge Shadow completed seventh.

When asked why early model vehicles are selected, he said that, “auto thieves continue to find it easier to steal older vehicles lacking an IBC-approved immobilizer. We’ve seen this trend developing for several years, and these results confirm it.”

Another Honda automobile, the 1996 year model Civic filled eighth place, with the 2000 German Audi TT Quattro in ninth.

The American 1996 Chevrolet/GMC Blazer rounded out the top ten.

None of the above cars had an electronic immobilizer.

Seeds placed in Norwegian vault as agricultural ‘insurance policy’

Seeds placed in Norwegian vault as agricultural ‘insurance policy’

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a vault containing millions of seeds from all over the world, saw its first deposits on Tuesday. Located 800 kilometers from the North Pole on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the vault has been referred to by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso as a “frozen Garden of Eden“. It is intended to preserve crop supplies and secure biological diversity in the event of a worldwide disaster.

“The opening of the seed vault marks a historic turning point in safeguarding the world’s crop diversity,” said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust which is in charge of collecting the seed samples. The Norwegian government, who owns the bank, built it at a cost of $9.1 million.

At the opening ceremony, 100 million seeds from 268,000 samples were placed inside the vault, where there is room for over 2 billion seeds. Each of the samples originated from a different farm or field, in order to best ensure biological diversity. These crop seeds included such staples as rice, potatoes, barley, lettuce, maize, sorghum, and wheat. No genetically modified crops were included. (Beyond politics they are generally sterile so of no use.)

It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks.

Constructed deep inside a mountain and protected by concrete walls, the “doomsday vault” is designed to withstand earthquakes, nuclear warfare, and floods resulting from global warming. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called it an “insurance policy” against such threats.

With air-conditioned temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius, experts say the seeds could last for an entire millennium. Some crops will be able to last longer, like sorghum, which the Global Crop Diversity Trust says can last almost 20 millenniums. Even if the refrigeration system fails, the vaults are expected to stay frozen for 200 years.

The Prime Minister said, “With climate change and other forces threatening the diversity of life that sustains our planet, Norway is proud to be playing a central role in creating a facility capable of protecting what are not just seeds, but the fundamental building blocks of human civilization.” Stoltenberg, along with Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai, made the first deposit of rice to the vault.

“It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks,” Maathai said. The vault will operate as a bank, allowing countries to use their deposited seeds free of charge. It will also serve as a backup to the thousands of other seed banks around the world.

“Crop diversity will soon prove to be our most potent and indispensable resource for addressing climate change, water and energy supply constraints and for meeting the food needs of a growing population,” Cary Fowler said.

Manitoba’s flood creating hazardous conditions

Manitoba’s flood creating hazardous conditions

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Red River at Winnipeg is almost clear of ice blocks and ice jamming, however there are still dangers from the Red River flood.

Ice blocks which were as high as two storey buildings were ripping out trees, fences and railway ties. “You’ll see huge pans of ice standing vertical, up to 20 feet (6.1 m) high,” said Steve Topping, an official with the provincial Water Stewardship Department. “Ice was shoved up on the shore and took out trees with a very devastating effect. It has changed people’s view of the river.”

“It is incredible, the force. One piece of ice pushed out of the river about 20 feet. You watch the force push this up right in front of your eyes,” said Dean North, of the Selkirk Golf and Country Club.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police are ticketing sight seers who are driving through road closure signs and approaching excavators, cranes and crews breaking up the ice. Vehicles, people, boats, and kayaks are getting in the way.

An eight year old boy is in critical condition after slipping on a culvert Thursday. He was pulled underwater by the speed of the flowing water and remained under for about five to ten minutes until adults could rescue him. The air ambulance supplied by Alberta’s STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) remains in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“This is not a spectator sport. It’s not about getting the best pictures for the family albums. I know floods are seen as a bit of an event, but some of the instances I’m hearing about, people should give their head a shake, they really should,” said Steve Ashton Manitoba Emergency Measures Minister, “Those who fall into the river or get into trouble in another way would be not only endangering themselves but the emergency response crews trying to rescue them. I don’t want to see a situation … where we’re trying our darndest to prevent flooding and save lives and somebody [who] decides to go have a white-water experience ends up killing themselves.”

Early Easter Sunday morning floodwater reached the rural municipalities of St. Andrews and St. Clements north of Winnipeg. Residents were sent an evacuation advisory Good Friday, however some residents remained. Rescue efforts commenced Saturday night to find those stranded and unable to leave as their vehicles cannot travel in the swollen overland floodwaters. Some people were rescued from roof tops as entire houses were swept off of their foundations by the large ice blocks hurtling down the river.

Highways in the area remain closed. Neil Gobelle, of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation said to “definitely continue to watch the Red River Valley and north of the city up in the Selkirk area. Things are changing quite a bit, quite quickly, so we’ll keep an eye on those areas.”

As of Easter Sunday, Winnipeg is expected to be ice free on the Red River. The River rose 4 feet (1.2 m) in the course of 24 hours. Rain is in the forecast and the higher temperatures of 17 °C (62.6 °F) will cause melting of snow and ice.

A weather system caused by La Niña is being watched by the United States National Weather Service and its potential effects between April 16-18 for residents along the Red River Valley. “We want people to be aware there is a very real possibility of the river going higher than what is out there,” said Mark Ewens, data manager at the NWS, “To have spring floods like this back-to-back is just an unfortunate series of events that have come along to plague us this spring. We’re wanting people to understand that this is a potentially serious problem.”




Namibia: VAT on milk to stay

Namibia: VAT on milk to stay

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Namibian government has refused to remove value added tax (VAT) on the price of milk. The Namibian Dairy producers organization requested the Namibian directorate of local income in May 2006 to follow the example of South Africa and declare fresh milk as a basic need upon which no taxation is applicable.

Mnr. Calle Schlettwein, permanent Secretary of the Namibia Ministry of Finance said the decision not to discard VAT on milk is because of two reasons: “This industry is already receiving advantages because of Article 26 of the African Customs Union (SACU),” he said.

“Secondly, the ministry cannot decrease the country’s tax basis. Namibia is a country that spend more than what it can collect through tax. We cannot afford to discard VAT on fresh milk.”

The price of fresh milk is to climb by 50c in the beginning of April 2007 following increases in production costs to producers. The dairy industry has warned of a collapse of the industry and a dependence on foreign imports if prices are not increased to match rising production costs.



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A Progressive Era Of The Short Lived Revival

By Paul Hu

In 2008, the Democratic Party has captured the White House and Congress, to achieve unified government hospital. At that time, the U.S. liberals, particularly liberal group of intellectuals tend to cry, this is the funeral of neo-conservatism, a new “Progressive Era” campaign officially kicked off. But two years, Democrats control the House of Representatives put the return of the Republican Party. Although the Democratic Party barely hold the Senate, but the hospital has formed a pattern of confrontation between the government, Obama could become a lame duck president.

“Progressive Era” refers to the 1890s to the 1920s in the USA to set off a “clean government” as the main objective of the reform wave of social activities. “Progressive era” is to cut collusion respected, the Government passed to take on more public responsibilities, the plundering of the consortia to compete to protect the public interest. If Obama took office two years ago, ready to promote liberal reforms, can be called “Progressive Era” revival, then the last three decades than the last time that field, but this round of two-year recovery period is also short-lived pitiful.

The Democratic Party lost a lot of people will blame the economy. Clinton-era phrase “stupid, this is the economy,” as many Democrats seem to be reluctantly like the shoulders shrugged provides an excellent reason. Indeed, in January 2009, Obama came to power, took over from Bush hands a mess. Two years later, the real estate market is still overflowing bubble, investors and consumers are still scared, still double-digit unemployment rate is even, and the most fatal is the fiscal deficit is huge attention startling.

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However, when the Republicans call him too left, the traditional left-wing and his lack of courage to go further, indicating most of the past two years is a compromise of various legislation, this middle line deserves the support of centrist.

The paradox is that this election reflects the dissatisfaction is centrist. Obama’s personal popularity, two years ago, Liu Cheng fell from less than four as now, “tea party” of the rise, but also to join the centrist. Many people understand, why did Barack Obama meet the interests of the middle, but still so centrist that he did not listen to their demands? The real reason is that two years ago that that election is not truly representative of “progressive era” of the Renaissance, the Americans have not completely from the “big market, small government,” the myth of self-examination over.

Cornell University scholar Elizabeth Sanders in the latest issue of “Public Administration Review” published “American Progressive Era Implications for China” article. According to her view, the United States into the Progressive Era a century ago, the community has a range of social issues and the response has been a broad consensus, when the spirit of the times, is “inclined to collectivism and expansive model of governance” . Look back to the United States today. Like autumn leaves Democratic sweep two years ago, sweeping the White House and Congress, of course, reflect the psychological change American voters, but this change was the main cornerstone of Bush do not like the war in Iraq into a quagmire. The flag by the anti-war, the first setback for McCain after Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama, the White House thrust health care reform, but often neglected phenomena, and finally won a castrated health care bill. This explains, in the “big government” issue to centrist not Zhuanguo Wan. Without their support, social consensus out of the question, saying revival of the Progressive Era, I am afraid more of the academic human wishful thinking.

Sanders applied point of view, the United States to have “progressive era” is a bottom-up by means of social drive. So, that the United States in 2008 into the “revival of the Progressive Era,” is just an illusion. In a democracy, left-wing liberals in the most practical approach is to compromise the progress of social consensus to consolidate the results. Unfortunately, the past two years the biggest, the House Democrats, preferring to have been a buffer in the left-right conflict in the role of the President as their puppet, so centrist initiation huge dissatisfaction. Indeed, although this phantom-like “the revival of the Progressive Era,” only for a short-lived two years, but the spirit of democracy, perhaps the most valuable is this, the decision is always in the voters hands.

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Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association

Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Besides becoming a political stomping ground for the Pan-Green and Pan-Blue coalitions, there are other changes from past years of Taipei Audio Video Fair (TAVF). With those changes in mind, Wikinews reporter Rico Shen interviewed You-peng Wang, chairman of the Taipei Electrical Commercial Association (TECA), the main organizer of TAVF, about the 60th year anniversary of TECA and the changes to the show.

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