Using Micro Job Sites Like Tenrr Instead Of Freelancer Sites Will Save You Time And Money On Tedious And Specialized Tasks

Submitted by: Jed Lampi

If you’re a small business owner with a website or a serial website owner like me and you need to get one of those smallish, more tedious jobs done and done fast, you should choose a micro job site over a traditional freelancer site. What types of jobs? A few examples would be: writing articles, creating a logo, creating a banner for a website or advertising or getting backlinks. There are many more jobs that would fit, but you likely get the picture. There are a quite a few good reasons to choose a micro job site over a freelancer site, but the most important is it will save you time!

No more wasting hour after hour posting a job and then looking through all the bidders for a qualified person. Instead, flip the script and search the job out yourself at a micro job site one like Tenrr . That’s the beauty of the micro job sites; all the “normal” and useful jobs are already posted and you’re the one who has to choose which one to buy to satisfy what you need done. It’s more like a traditional store rather than the painstaking process of posting the job and picking the winner why not pick the winner and skip all the other stuff?

Many would argue with me that money is more valuable than time. Well, that’s true, time is money; but using micro job sites instead of freelancer sites will also save you boatloads of money! So you’ll end up saving the straight up money and the money from time! Jobs on these sites cost between $1 and $10 usually and it’s always amazing the quality of work you’ll come away with when spending only $10 at Tenrr or $5 at Fiverr .


For instance, you’re in need of a logo for your website. I know in the past, I’ve spent up to $100 for a logo at a freelancer site and I’ve also, more recently, purchased a custom logo from a micro job site for $10. I don’t think I could say one was better than the other of course, I’m not a professional graphic designer myself, but the quality was there in both and there was no immediate difference. That’s $90 saved right there; then add in the commission paid to the traditional freelancer site and it’s basically $100 in savings for the same logo.

OK, there are probably other options out there as well, right? Well something I tried to do in the past was to go right to the source and skip the freelancer sites altogether by finding the websites that offer the services for the job I needed to get done. Try Googling “cheap logos” and see what comes up (even though the results are completely different than they were a few years ago, you’ll get the point). You can be lost in that world for an hour or two easily before you find a reputable place that you can trust where you can get a cheap logo! Repeat this for any other task that’s essential for a website owner (and particularly for someone who owns dozens or even hundreds of websites) and the time goes away faster than it does even on a freelancer site.

So you can save time and money using micro job sites to get those tedious and specialized tasks done instead of traditional freelancer sites while having a better experience because the structure of the deal is completely different. I personally would much rather go somewhere and pick out what I need rather than post what I need and wait for someone to tell me they can do it!

It’s something that will change the world and the way you get these random tasks done even though these micro job sites have been around for a few years, it’s still early in the scheme of things. To save both time and money while getting the same exact services rendered, it’s tough not to take advantage in my opinion. Sure, these traditional freelancer sites still have their merit, but I won’t use them for jobs that would cost less than $100 on those sites. Why? Because I can get those jobs done for $10 or less now at Tenrr or Fiverr or another Fiverr alternative! Hopefully you’ll join me.

About the Author: I currently write for the Tenrr Blog and you can find a much more in depth article on the topic of

using micro gig sites

for cheap website-related services there. Tenrr is a

completely free micro gig site

, which actually works in the website owner’s favor because these micro jobs are even cheaper there because no commissions are ever charged to the sellers of the services.


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