Paper Shredding Services Helps Businesses Secure Their Confidential Waste

By Adrianna Noton

Recently, there has been a great increase in the risk of identity theft and fraud. Businesses store information about customers, employees, finances, business operations, and product details. These are sensitive documents that most businesses have readily available. Every level of government has passed privacy legislation to protect individuals and corporations. Records management protocols have become a vital part of any business. Document shredding services can help your business create and develop a confidential waste practice, counsel your company which records to keep and for how long, how to keep them secure, and when to destroy them. Professional paper shredding services are up to date regarding federal, state and local regulations, and will make certain that your business meets compliancy standards.

Confidential waste services provide the tools needed to secure those sensitive documents, ensuring that confidential information will remain confidential. When a business needs the reassurance that its information is secure, it can call on a paper shredding professional to perform a needs assessment, and provide mobile, off-site or one-time shredding services. Additionally, there is some paper shredding services offering individuals and small businesses a secure drop-off location for personal records to be shredded.


With confidential waste services, a locked bin is provided to collect papers to be shredded. These bins are placed around the client’s location in key areas. A mobile shredding vehicle will arrive at the business as scheduled, and the papers are shredded on-site. Screened and insured shredding professionals safely handle the documents during the entire paper shredding process. If a company prefers, shredding can be done with company staff present to supervise via CCTV. A dated report called a Certificate of Document Destruction is provided confirming the destruction of the material, providing proof of compliance with regulations, as well as protection against possible future fraud.

Because there is not a secure path from the recycling bin to the recycling depot, recycling sensitive documents does not satisfy government regulations for privacy and confidentiality. Paper shredding services helps the environment by recycling the shreds that are produced in the process, providing compliance and security at the same time. Many businesses do shredding in-house. Office paper shredders may be convenient, but they are not secure. Documents are vulnerable while waiting to be shredded. A professional paper shredding service actually saves a company costs. It takes an employee about five hours to shred fifty pounds of paper.

Cleaning and maintaining an office shredder takes staff a lot of time which costs businesses money, as does removing staples and paper clips, as well as manually feeding the papers into the shredder. Paper shredding services eliminate that task, leaving staff time for more productive activity. While most information is generated electronically today, much of that information is printed out and filed. Paper shredding services are an efficient and secure solution to the growing piles of confidential and sensitive information that every business gathers. Paper shredding services are essential in today’s business world as it helps businesses of all sizes secure their confidential waste.

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