Fancy Or Casual Bar Stools What Style Is Right For You?

By Ben Weissman

Selecting the right bar stools is a challenge, especially concerning stylistic choices. The good news is there are some great options available in bar stools to fit virtually anything you may be after. The bad news is you have to determine which of those styles works best for you. That is not as easy. How will you know which style is the best for you? Take into consideration a few of the barstools on the market and see if they match the look you are after.

Fancy may be your thing if you are looking for an elegant space to entertain with. If it is more than just having the guys over, and the bar area will be a fashion piece in your space, then definitely look towards the more elegant pieces. For example, consider pub barstools, which often have a backed seat and long legs. These look great at your breakfast bar, your more upscale typical bar or even in your grill area. One of the best features of these more elegant option is their design elements. Wrought iron barstools are an excellent choice because the metal barstools offer a modern feel. They work well with other metal accompaniments as well as providing

The casual barstool works in a variety of areas. Casual bar stools are simply defined as simpler than fancy. For example, they can be found in various materials including metal bar stools, wood bar stools and even others. In addition to this, they can still have some style to them. Take into consideration a simple bar stool. With its metal design, it offers a swivel seat and a backing, but without a lot of ornate details. It is in a simple black or silver color and has a black seating to it. While this is simple enough to be casual, it is still nice enough for guests. This type of design works the best in bar areas in your home that are less formal, such as in a basement or back room. Choose casual bar stools for outdoor use too, but only if they are designed for outdoor use.

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Informal spaces really require a simple design and here is where you can get away with discount bar stools. For example, if you have a countertop where you would like to add a few bar stools for extra seating, but the space surrounding it is very casual, go with a more casual stool.

Not only should you look at the color and the cut of the piece but the overall style the bar stool offers. For example, more modern or contemporary bar stools will work well in upscale areas. These will have details and often embellishments that add character. Rivets, fabrics with patterns or wrought iron work on their backs are common additions.

When it comes to finding the right style of bar stool for your space, find a stool you just love. Perhaps you want simple, no backed wood bar stools to create that old world feel.

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