Exercise And Smart Children

Submitted by: Christine Dunbar

Work is what we call manual labor, and now it seems work is knowledge labor. It is very important to get a good education at the same time; a little manual work won’t hurt anybody. Since technology has advanced it has shifted responsibilities from manual work to knowledge work. It has been said it is better to use your brain than to know how to use your hands. Unfortunately, it is important to know how to use your hands.

Since there is an increase for intelligence work for the future, we as parents are making education a first priority for our children. While we are focusing on cramming education down our children’s throats are we making them smarter? No, the reality is we are not giving our children any head start on their futures by making them study more.

Our bodies are designed to get off the couch. When your body is in motion so is your brain. So the truth is the more you move the smarter you get. Getting the right amount of exercise will make you a smarter person and will allow you to focus on what is important.


A psychologist Charles H. Hillman of the University of Illinois in 2008 conducted a study of research linking exercise and cognition in teenagers and children going back to the 1990’s.

What they found was a direct correlation between the increased performances on tests in school and aerobic fitness. All this research proved that a physically active young person, who is in shape, is more likely to get good grades and perform very well in school all the way through.

Another study conducted by health scientists Fran ois Trudeau of the University of Quebec and Roy J. Shephard of the University of Toronto; found that students who were doing one hour of some sort of exercise per day had improved in performance at school whereas those who did not exercise didn’t perform in school any better.

This study consisted of a review of papers that was noted if the students performance was related to their physical activity especially in math and reading.

This study shows that if we want our children to be smarter for their futures, we need to get them off the couch. Let s not just push the books, let’s get our future outside exercising as well. It has been said that teachers and parents are pushing more study time to make them smarter.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow any exercise. Well teachers and parents you re wrong, add some exercise to your children’s schedule and then see how they excel in school. Also, adding exercise at home will allow children some quality time with their parents.

Exercise will facilitate the study time. By exercising, the child will be more alert, have more energy, and feel better. This is what will make our children strive. They will actually feel like studying and not be as sluggish just lying around with their heads in the book. Also, by getting outside to exercise this will help boost their Vitamin D. Give your children the best education by allowing time for exercise.

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