Drawbacks And Benefits Of New York City Condos


If you are like many, you want the comforts of home with all the amenities that can be found with condos in New York City. However, condo living isn’t for everyone, so it’s important that you go through all the drawbacks and benefits before making a decision. That way, you’ll know what means the most to you and whether or not you can deal with the negative aspects of condo life.

Community Living

While some people don’t mind community life and think of it as a benefit, some people don’t like sharing common areas, such as pools and fitness centers, and may not want to feel part of a community in their condo. These people should probably consider a house.



Every month you’ll have homeowner’s association fees (HOA), so you’ll constantly be paying for the maintenance of the common areas and grounds. While this can reduce large one-time expenses you may find with living in a home, it isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t care about the amenities provided.


Buying a house means you can do whatever you want to the property, walls and building. New York City condos have rules that state what is allowed and what isn’t. You may be able to hang decorations, but may not be able to paint your walls and won’t have a say with the property. You may also be restricted when it comes to guests.


Though the disadvantages of a condominium may deter some, it does offer various conveniences. For one thing, it will be nearer to city centers and entertainment options. For another, you’ll likely notice better transportation routes though that isn’t the case for every location.


A condo unit can be more affordable than a house though many are expensive in large cities. However, there are usually lower-budget options for those single-income families and first-time buyers so don’t hesitate to ask and look around.


A condominium usually offers better security options, as there is always a doorman available, as well as lobby personnel to ensure that those who enter should be there. You’ll also have neighbors nearby, which can help if something goes wrong.


The amenities alone are usually worthwhile to people, and can include pools, spas, fitness centers, children’s playrooms and more. Just make sure you’ll use the amenities, as you’ll be required to pay for them regardless.

If you are interested in New York City condos, you probably realize the benefits of convenience, security and amenities. Visit Carnegie Park’s website today to learn more about availability or to contact them.

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