Considering The Best Vanity Mirror For Your Bathroom

Submitted by: Heather Mitchell

Shopping for the best vanity mirror is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot factors to consider such as the quality, price, features and sizes. Every piece of bathroom accessory takes careful planning when trying to create an elegant bathroom. Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying a one:


The first thing to consider is the space. You have the option to choose an item that is wide as your bathroom vanity or as wide as the sink only. Next, measure the width of your bathroom vanity or the sink. Measure the length between your ceiling and the topmost part of the sink. Take into consideration the placement of the lightings on the wall. It would be best if your vanity mirror falls between the vanity lights. Record all your measurements on a piece of paper or notebook.

Material of the Mirror Frame


Ideally, it should match the material that your vanity cabinet is made of. For instance, if the cabinet is made of wood, then your mirror frame should be made of decorative wood. As a rule, those with wooden frames should be smaller than the width of the counter. Stand-alone sinks, on the other hand, look more elegant with oval mirrors on top. Chrome framed options work best with bathroom vanity occupying an entire wall. Chrome frames are best for rectangular and square-shaped pieces. Installing one helps light up a room and gives the illusion that the room is wider. This is best for small-spaced bathrooms.

Beveled edge pieces work best for almost all kinds of vanities. They comes in rectangular, oval or circular shapes. Installing vanity lights in front of beveled edge mirrors add a more dramatic effect to the bathroom. Most of the time, this type of object is installed on walls using mirror clips. Frameless ones are easier to maintain although they are very fragile and should be properly handled with care. Some frameless mirrors also have decorative sketching on the mirror itself. They are suggested when you have a large-sized bathroom.


Chrome edged pieces are the least expensive of all types of vanity mirrors. Their frames can be either made of brass or silver. Beveled edge or frameless ones are mid-range in terms of cost. Wooden-framed pieces are usually the most expensive ones. Usually, the more intricate the designs are, the more expensive it is.

In terms of cost, another point to consider is the size. Wider pieces are more expensive that smaller ones. Before buying this sort of product, do some research on the Internet. Look for ones that have specifications appropriate for your needs.

Installing the mirror can be done personally, which obviously is the cheapest option. However, delicate ones such as those with beveled edges or large-sized pieces should be installed by a professional to prevent breakages.

Whatever type of mirror you choose, remember that it should always conform to your needs and budget. It is also important to choose a mirror specifically designed for bathrooms because they tend to withstand humidity and moisture than any other types of mirror.

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