Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans: Choose The One That Suits You

In managed care plans, you have two options. Either, you can opt for HMO, that is, Health Maintenance Organisations or PPO, that is, Preferred Provider Organizations. If you choose the former, you have to take treatment only from a list of doctors provided in the affordable individual health insurance plan. In PPO, you get to take treatment from the list of doctors as well as some doctors other than the list. To take treatment from a specialist who is not mentioned in the list, you will have to take special permission from the insurance provider.

Talking about indemnity plans, here the insurance premium is higher as it allows you take treatment from any hospital or doctor that you prefer. It is best for people who have the tendency to fall ill easily and prefer being treated by doctors of their choice.

People who are healthy, less prone to falling ill and are flexible to take treatment from a selected list of doctors can choose to go for managed care plans where the insurance premium is lesser while people who wish to take treatment only from their doctors must go for indemnity plans.

Whatever plan one goes for, it is very imperative to be very clear about all the terms and conditions as well as the date from which the plan starts functioning. At times, there could be some waiting period mentioned in some line in the policy. The policy might not start offering coverage before that waiting period is over and you might not be aware of such a rule if you have not read the policy details completely. In such a case, you might come in for a shock if you fall ill during the waiting period and the company denies coverage of your expenses.

Hence, choose your affordable individual health insurance plan that suits your health conditions and read every detail of it before opting for it.

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