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From the beginning of life, man has tried to get in touch with his inner self and seek union with the universe. The search for oneness and belief that every object is connected to each other creates a sense of spirituality. Believers have claimed that this spirituality helps them to find meaning and peace in their lives.

Tarot cards have been around for many centuries and were very popular in the European Middle Ages. They provided entertainment to some while enlightenment to others. The cards were painted by hand and were available exclusively to the elite. Which of the tarot queen are you? Which one resides within you predominantly? Try this fun tarot exercise and visit indietarot.com for more tarot goodies!! Meet Indie, the tarot reader you should at least give a chance to. Don’t forget to check out Toronto Tarot Troupe!

The Evolution of Tarot Cards


Along with the many myths and folk lore that are associated with tarot card interpretations, Christianity has had its strong influence on it as well. Most of the Tarot Deck Collections found in those earlier times showcases this impact. As we entered the 20th century, we find modern interpretations of the tarot cards where the artists have chosen to delve beyond Christianity and take inspiration from pagan cultures. Here are Indie recommendations for tarot beginners out there!! Please feel free to check out related on tarot beginners on indietarot.com. Meet Indie, the tarot reader you should at least give a chance to. Don’t forget to check out Toronto Tarot Troupe!

As time passed, artists began to draw tarot cards based on their own personal tastes, seeking various sources of inspirations from myth and culture to science and music and have created beautiful magic through their art is found in Shadowscapes Tarot Deck and Crystal Visions Deck.

Choosing the Right Tarot Deck

A Tarot Beginner thus finds herself confused on which particular deck of tarot cards to choose. Experts have always advised that a learner should not buy a deck hastily but take considerable amount. Tarot reading is not easy and straightforward. It relies a lot on intuition and personal tastes. Someone who is interested in fairy tales would not feel comfortable using a tarot deck whose design is inspired by science such.

One very popular deck is the Rider Waite deck which serves to be very useful for a beginner. It is one of the first modern tarot decks where we see a shift from Christianity to pagan beliefs. The beginner should use a handbook to get herself acquainted with the various meanings associated with each card in a deck. There are usually 78 cards in most tarot decks and it takes some time to remember them all.

But the most important task is to interpret the cards in ones own way. The reader needs to look at the cards and the drawings and discover the meaning by herself. To get better results the reader should meditate upon each card and keep an open mind so that she could tap into her spiritual self for guidance.

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