A Complete Guide On How To Play Baseball For Beginners

A Complete Guide on How to Play Baseball for Beginners by Charlie LeesDo you love watching baseball? If yes, do you know how to play it? I can hear many of you saying no. The reason behind this is you are not familiar with the game and you dont know how to start it. For those who are interested in playing baseball and dont know how to approach it, this blog can guide you. This article explains how to play baseball for beginners.How to Play Baseball for Beginners GuideBasics of Baseball- The game is played between two teams, one team will be chosen for batting while the other team is chosen for bowling. – 25 players will play the game, in which 9 players will be separated for each team and the rest of the players will be taken for substitutes.- The team can be separated as domestic players and the players from different locations. – Usually guest team will bat first and the domestic team will play next to them. The Playground and Field Setup- People consider the playground as diamond shaped due to the direction the players are playing. But actually, the shape of the playground is square. – There are four corners in the playground which are divided as four bases such as home base, first, second and third base.- Home base is the area for a player who hits the ball. The first, second and third bases are the zone which is separated for the fielders.- Three infielders will be separated for the first, second and third bases. The batter will play in the batting team while the rest of the players will be in the outfield. Role of the ContributorsCommonly five contributing roles are involved to play baseball, which include bowler, batter, catcher, infielder and outfielder. Each are doing specific role in the game. – Bowler: Bowls and stops the batters to run and complete a home run.- Batter: Hits the ball and tries to make a home run by dodging the fielders.- Catcher: Stays behind the batter and focuses on the incoming ball to capture if the batter misses out. – Infielders: Infielders are those who are stay on each of the three bases which are first, second and third bases.- Outfielders: Outfielders stay at the right, left and middle part of the square shaped field. They have to be a strong catcher of a ball shot by the batter. While PlayingTotally 9 innings are given to each team.- First team is allowed to play until the first three players of the team get evicted, then the second team start their innings. – The game can be stretched out to tenth, eleventh or twelfth innings in case of the game get tied. The innings can be extended until the game is won by any one team. Out and Not Out or FoulOut and not out or foul are a few conditions that are important things in baseball game, As a beginner you must know these terms to learn baseball quickly. – Strike Out: If the batter misses the ball three times in a row, the batter is considered to strike out.- Tag Out: If one of the fielders tags the batter by touching him with the ball in his hand, then it is considered as tag out.- Force Out: When the two batters run towards base just in the opposite directions of each other, one has arrived and one is not arrived yet means the hitter is considered as force out.- Ground Out: Ground out can be announced when the fielder touches the home base with the ball before the batter reaches the home base while taking the home run.- Fly Out: Fly out means when the fielder catches the ball hit by batter. The above information is just about how to play baseball. But as a beginner, you need to understand the importance of playing the game practically to get you more relevant to the field.The author of this article is a famous baseball coach in Sydney offering training for the beginners to play baseball. In this article, he provides basic information on how to play baseball for beginners. For more details visit, playbaseball.org.au/Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com


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