5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy After Moving In Together

By Emily Heart

Moving in with anyone is a big commitment to make, and the first few months can be testing, but our dating experts have put together a few tips to keep your relationship healthy and happy when you move in with your partner.


It sounds obvious, but it can be easy to go days or even weeks without properly talking to your partner. If you’re struggling to talk about the small stuff in your relationship, discussing your feelings can be nigh on impossible, but bottling them up will only lead feelings of distance and resentment in your relationship.

To combat this, start by making time for each other every day. Dinner time provides a great opportunity to focus on your partner. Rather than eating with your plate on your lap in front of the TV, sit down at the table and talk about your day. Doing this regularly will help promote closeness within your relationship and make it easier to talk about serious issues when needs be.

Help each other out

Clearly no one likes doing chores, but unfortunately we all have to do them and they can be a serious bone of contention when you live with someone. Feeling like you are always the one who cleans the bathroom or washes the dishes sounds like a small gripe, but you’d be surprised how many people with otherwise happy relationships fall out over something so easily avoided.


To avoid world war three breaking out, make a list of everything you need to do and set aside time each day to do your chores together. Not only will you have a healthier relationship, but you’ll also have a cleaner home.

Make an effort

It may sound a little 1940’s housewife, but there’s a lot to be said for a slick of lip gloss or the occasional shave. Moving in together inevitably takes away some of the excitement of seeing your partner in their underwear, but it needn’t be all paint splattered jogging bottoms and spaghetti stained t-shirts.

Try to keep making the same level of effort you did when you first began your relationship. Not just appearance wise, but in your behaviour, too. Holding your partner’s hand as you walk together or giving them a shoulder rub after a hard day can provide the vital intimacy needed to keep your relationship strong and stop you feeling more like siblings than lovers.


It’s common for people to stop dating once they move in together, but regularly dating or introducing a ‘date night’ can keep the spark alive in your relationship and give you opportunities to put many of the above tips into play.

You don’t have to think of any wild ideas, just eating at a restaurant you haven’t been to before, sampling some delicious cocktails or checking out the latest blockbuster can all be enjoyable activities to do with your partner and provide an excellent talking point.

Keep your bad habits in check

If you’ve moved in with a partner before, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for that cute little thing your partner does to turn into an annoying habit that drives you up the wall, but newsflash – they’re not the only one with irritating tendencies.

The only way to prevent this damaging your relationship is to get it out in the open. Pick a time when you’re both feeling calm and receptive to give feedback, and try to keep your words and tone as neutral as possible. Playing the blame game won’t get you anywhere and your partner is likely to come back with a not so complimentary assessment of your behaviour. Once you’ve aired your feelings, agree a compromise on said behaviour and stick to it.

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