You Have A Personal Injury In A Car Accident? Know The Facts

By John Francis Amberden

Have you ever been involved in a car accident where you were injured seriously? What would you do in such a situation? The first thing to ever do is administer first aid and call for help. Knowing the facts in the case of personal injury from a car accident forms the crux of our topic today.

Let us first discuss the common types of injuries that may happen in a car accident. The first type of injuries is known as whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries are the most common types of injuries to occur in any country. Whiplash injuries may include damage to the neck or the spine and muscles around the neck. The extent of the injury might be little or more depending on the case. The effects of the injury might be observed for a short time or in many cases it can also be permanent. In some cases a whiplash injury can leave the neck or the spine permanently damaged. The injuries are diagnosed by using x rays by the doctor. The doctor will also use the x rays to see if any injury has been caused to vertebra and the extent of damage to the neck. The next most common types of injuries are the head injuries. Head injuries can prove to be fatal as a serious blow to the head can cause damage to the brain. Damage to the brain can occur at the time of the accident or over time as the internal injury can aggravate. The third type of injuries is bodily injuries which can occur on the arms and the legs. If they are small, they can be treated and healed in a few days. If they are big like a fracture then it can take anywhere between a fortnight to months to heal completely.


So what should you normally do when you meet with an accident and get personally injured? The first and the foremost thing is to call the emergency number and call for an ambulance immediately. Also if you are seriously injured then you can tell the passers by to get the necessary information of your family members and the doctors from your car or wallet and call them up immediately. The course of treatment will depend on how deep the injury is and on which part of the body is injured. Try not to panic too much as this can raise your blood pressure. Stay calm. Do not try to move too much. Moving can seriously aggravate the injuries inside and can bring permanent damage to any body part.

When the ambulance arrives try to answer the questions that the staff may ask? The medical team may ask you questions while administering you doses of medication and checking your vitals, heart beats etc. Answer truthfully all the questions of the medical team. Ask the medical team to call your family members and inform them about the accident. Do follow the instructions of the doctors to ensure your speedy recovery. When you are discharged from hospital do take a few days of rest at home and resume work only when you feel fully fit and fine.

Last but not least. Answer any questions by the police truthfully. Do not lie! If you feel the need to lie or you are worried about the situation, ask for an attorney to be present. Mistakes here can cost you more than money. And money will be no problem if you carry car insurance.

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