What Is A Therapeutic Massage Spa?

byAlma Abell

All spas are places where people go for relaxation however a therapeutic massage spa takes this service to a much higher plane. In an ordinary spa one can expect grooming more than anything else, it is a place which does hair, manicures, pedicures, facials and body scrubs. The massage therapists in Peabody MA take facials for example and add massage and other treatments that are designed to improve the appearance of the client as well as rejuvenate the body.

Treatments that one can expect in a therapeutic spa will always include massage. Depending on the type of treatment the massage can focus on the feet and the hands while other forms of massage treat the client from head to toe. During a massage in a therapeutic spa one can expect the massage therapists to use different forms of aromatherapy such as oils and candles which are lit during the therapy to induce deeper relaxation. When a person is fully relaxed the massage will be of most benefit.

Most therapeutic spas offer skin treatments, often in the way of facials. The facials are given in a gentle fashion; the objective is to renew the skin without inflicting any damage. The types of scrubs that are offered in high end spas normally use oatmeal and various herbs rather than harsh exfoliates which contain chemicals. The bath may also contain sea salt and herbal components.

Another popular treatment that one expects in a therapeutic spa is a foot scrub. A foot scrub is an ideal way to sooth tired feet and to remove dead skin. The scrub must be mildly abrasive to work properly but it also nourishes the feet by moisturizing dry skin. Although scent is a factor it is not important, as long as the scent is pleasant it is good.

The entire focus of the spa and the massage therapists in Peabody MA which work there is to provide a pleasant experience for the clients. A combination of a good massage which is designed to rid the body of tension, aches and pains as well as cleanse the muscles of toxins along with facials, foot scrubs and in some instance whole body wraps have a single purpose, to enhance the body and soul.

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Canadian university students would prefer MP3 players over car radios

Canadian university students would prefer MP3 players over car radios

Friday, March 30, 2007

At Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, students are finding that popular MP3 players, such as Apple’s iPod, are very convenient devices for listening to music at the gym, while traveling on foot, and in the car.

In a recent ad-hoc survey conducted by Wikinews contributor Darren Mar, 150 students were randomly pulled aside in the hallways of the university, and asked if they own an MP3 player. 94 of the 150 students (62.66%) did in fact own MP3 devices, most of who were found to be carrying it on them when questioned. There was one simple follow up question for those who had a player: “If it were possible to have complete and safe control of the device on the steering wheel of a car, would you rather listen to your device, or the radio?” There were three answers possible, yes, no or both. Of the 94, 78 (82.98%) said yes, eleven (11.70%) said no, and five (5.32%) said both. The reporting took place primarily on March 16, 2007. The reasons for those who would listen to their device were commercial free music, personalized choice of music, and complete control of what you are listening to.

This study was motivated by the new design of 2006+ model cars. Many are being built with auxiliary jacks for the stock radio, allowing the driver to easily connect any audio playing device to the car’s sound system with a simple 3.5mm plug. What’s more, cars in the upper price echelon are being built with (1) a custom made area in the dash for MP3 players (iPod’s being the most popular), and (2) implementing audio device control right onto the steering wheel. A good example of this is the Ford Fusion or the 2007 Lexus IS250: “The centre console input port allows an iPod, MP3 or Windows Media Audio player to be plugged into the IS audio system.”

Wikinews interviews meteorological experts on Cyclone Phalin

Wikinews interviews meteorological experts on Cyclone Phalin

Monday, October 14, 2013

Half-a-million people have fled their homes in and around the Indian state of Orissa after Cyclone Phailin made landfall.

Wikinews interviewed specialists in meteorology about the devastation the cyclone has caused.

Glasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate ‘green’ on city green

Glasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate ‘green’ on city green

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coinciding with Easter Sunday, Glasgow Cannabis Social Club’s annual 420 event was held on Glasgow Green, under sunny blue skies, and overlooking the river Clyde. Despite the city’s council attempting to revoke permission for the gathering at the last minute, police were happy for it to go-ahead with approximately a dozen officers attending in high-visibility vests.

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The Daily Record reported five arrests were made for minor offences, likely smoking and possession of small quantities of cannabis. Taking a less-sensational — and more accurate — line of reporting, the Monday edition of Glasgow’s Evening News stated five were referred to the Procurator Fiscal who is responsible for deciding if charges should be brought.

Official figures provided by the police were that 150 attended. With people coming and going, Wikinews reporters estimated upwards of 200 attended, compared to nearly 700 who had signed up for the event on Facebook. Hemp goods were advertised and on sale at the event, and some attendees were seen drinking cannabis-themed energy drinks.

“I was searched and charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act (which is a lot of bollocks)” one attendee noted online, adding “not fair to happen on a brilliant day like it was, other than that I had a great day!” A second said they were openly smoking and ignored by police, who “were only really focusing on people who looked particularly young”.

Cannabis seeds were openly and legally sold at the event and a hydroponics supplier brought a motortrike towing an advertising trailer. Actually growing cannabis is, however, illegal in the UK.

With the event openly advocating the legalisation of cannabis, speakers put their arguments for this to a receptive crowd. Retired police officer James Duffy, of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, spoke of the failed United States alcohol prohibition policy; stressing such policies needlessly bring people into contact with criminal elements. Highlighting other countries where legalisation has been implemented, he pointed out such led to lower crime, and lower drug use overall.

One speaker, who produced a bottle of cannabis oil he had received through the post, asserted this cured his prostate cancer. Others highlighted the current use of Sativex by the National Health Service, with a cost in-excess of £150 for a single bottle of GW Pharmaceuticals patented spray — as-compared to the oil shown to the crowd, with a manufacturing cost of approximately £10.

Similar ‘420’ pro-cannabis events were held globally.

Why Contacting A Roofing Contractor Norman Should Be A Part Of Your Yearly Home Improvement Plan

byAlma Abell

Because it’s constantly exposed to the elements, your roof should be one of the strongest parts of your home. However, even the highest quality roofs need to be checked for damage on a regular basis. Here’s three reasons why it’s time for you to put regular roof maintenance on your home improvement to-do list:

Storms Inflict Damage

Whether you live in an area that experiences lots of precipitation or enjoys daily sunshine, you need to have your roof regularly maintained. Heavy rain and hail causes shingle granule loss, which weakens the shingles and leads to other problems. Constant sunlight breaks down the oils in the asphalt, which can also cause shingles to dry out. With the exception of extreme storms, this damage often happens little by little over time. With once-per-year maintenance, you can take care of issues like this while they are still fairly trivial.

Extending Roof Life

Research shows that roofs that are maintained regularly last significantly longer than those that are not. Savvy homeowners understand that every year that you don’t have to foot the bill for a roof replacement means that your money stays in your wallet. Because a longer-lasting roof means getting more for your money, your vow to have your roof looked at before and after major storm seasons so that damage can be fixed quickly could mean the difference between maxing out your home improvement budget and having what you need to spend on other projects.

Maintaining the Warranty

If your roof fails, your warranty will ensure that it will be replaced. Unfortunately, many warranties become void if the homeowner has failed to maintain the roof. In order to get the money you need to pay the contractor, you’re going to have to prove that you’ve been responsible with your maintenance. Furthermore, there’s often a statute of limitations when it comes to making a claim about roof damage. If you wait too long until after the damage has occurred, your claim may be denied. Having regular maintenance performed will make sure you know about damage in enough time to alert the insurance company.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it’s wise to make sure that it’s always in good shape. Calling your Professional Roofing Contractor Norman yearly will not ensures that you save money in the long run and will have peace that what’s most precious to you is always protected.

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Scottish football team Hibernian appoint new manager

Scottish football team Hibernian appoint new manager

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scottish football team Hibernian F.C. (Hibs) have appointed Pat Fenlon as their new manager. Fenlon signed the contract at Hibs’ Easter Road home ground in the capital, Edinburgh.

[Hibernian are] a club with a rich history and proud traditions.

Fenlon left Bohemian F.C., an Irish football team he managed since 2008, so that he could manage Hibernian, which he is “really excited by”. Fenlon’s management career has previously remained in his native Ireland. From 2002, Fenlon managed Shelbourne F.C., which won the UEFA Cup in three of the five seasons he managed the team for. Fenlon went on to manage Derby City in 2007 before taking the managing position at Bohemians. According to Fenlon, Hibernian are “a club with a rich history and proud traditions.” Fenlon’s Hibs contract will last until the conclusion of 2013 / 2014 football season.

Hibs have now had five managers in as many years. Colin Calderwood is the most recent before Fenlon, being removed from his position on November 6 after twelve months managing the team. In that time they played in forty-nine matches and won in twelve of them. Calderwood has since gone on to become part of Birmingham City F.C., a football team based in the English city of Birmingham.

At the end of the previous football season, Hibernian F.C. placed tenth. As it stands, the team are currently ninth in the Scottish Premier League table. In reference to what he called the “quality players on Hibernian’s playing staff”, Fenlon stated that “there will need to be a lot of hard work and a clear change in mindset shown collectively by the team” and that a major target for them will be “to provide winning football to the Hibernian supporters, who have gone through some hard times recently.”

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File photo of Pat Fenlon from 2007 Image: Maiden City Images.

Easter Road, the home ground for Hibernian F.C., as seen in 2010. Image: Jeff Winter.

Map of Edinburgh, Scotland. Hibernian F.C. is based in Leith, in the north of the city. Image: OpenStreetMap.

File photo of former Hibernian F.C. manager Colin Calderwood from 2007. Image: Jonesy702.

The Aviator and Vera Drake scoop top prizes at the 2005 Orange BAFTA Film Awards

The Aviator and Vera Drake scoop top prizes at the 2005 Orange BAFTA Film Awards

Sunday, February 13, 2005

LONDON – The big-budget Hollywood movie The Aviator and the low-budget Brit flick Vera Drake have scooped the main prizes at the 2005 Orange BAFTA Film Awards. Four gongs went to The Aviator with the top ones being Best Film and Cate Blanchett for Best Supporting Actress. Vera Drake got three gongs with Best Director, Best Actress & Costume Design. Jamie Foxx got Best Actor with Ray and Clive Owen got Best Supporting Actor with Closer.

BC election writ drops; referendum campaigns underway

BC election writ drops; referendum campaigns underway

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The provincial election was called today in British Columbia. Alongside with the election, the citizens of the province will also be debating if they should change their electoral system from Single Member Plurality to Single Transferable Vote (STV). The vote for both the election and the referendum is to be held on May 12th.

According to the Angus Reid Strategies online poll, the issues before the candidates this year are the economy, crime and public safety, and health care.

Gordon Campbell is the current Premier of British Columbia, and leader of the Liberal Party. Three new tax measures have been proposed, increasing apprenticeship training tax credits, reducing small business income tax, and raising the revenue definition for small business. “Keep B.C. Strong” is the Liberal slogan.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Carole James is focusing her election platform on supporting a green economy, eliminating the carbon tax, offering families tax relief, freezing post-secondary tuition, raising the minimum wage, and providing a small business tax holiday. The NDP slogan is “Take back your B.C.”

The Green Party, led by Jane Sterk, is focused on environmental issues, crime and police, and a ‘green economy’. The Green Party is in support of the carbon tax and will be campaigning in favour of the new STV voting system that is being proposed again. The Green Party slogan is “A better plan for B.C.”File:Carole james.jpg

Wilf Hanni is at the helm of the Conservative Party which opposes the Recognition and Reconciliation Act, privatization of BC Hydro Bill 42 ‘gag law’, and the carbon tax. They propose to reduce senior civil employee pay scale, as well as personal and corporate income tax.

Other parties running candidates are the Democratic Reform under Graeme Roger, the Marijuana Party under Marc Emery, the Work Less Party under Conrad Schmidt, the Refederation Party under Mike Summers, the Sex Party under John Ince, and the Communist Party under George Gidora.

For 60 days before the election, each party may campaign with an allowable CA$1.1 million, in the final 28 days, $4.4 million may be spent. $70,000 is allowed by candidates before the writ is dropped, and another $70,000 in the midst of campaigning.

The referendum will allow BC voters to choose between two voting systems. The Single Member Plurality system is the current system in all Canadian provinces, and is also used to elect Members of Parliament in Ottawa. The other system is BC-STV, which would replace 85 single-member ridings with 20 larger ridings in which between two and seven Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) would be elected. The total number of MLAs will not change. Voters would rank the candidates in order of preference, as many or as few as they wish. When the results are tallied, votes are transferred to the next preference on the ballot when the first preference has been elected or eliminated. The system is designed to ensure that every vote helps to elect someone, every vote counts as fully as possible, and every voter is represented by a candidate they voted for, as nearly as mathematically possible.

Previous elections held under the current Single Member Plurality (also known as First Past The Post) system led to odd results in certain elections, such as the 2001 election where the winning party obtained 77 of the 79 seats of the legislature with just 58% of the vote, and the 1996 election, in which the party with the most votes failed to win the election. The recommendation to switch to STV was made by the British Columbia Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, a group formed in 2004 of randomly selected citizens. They spent a year learning about voting systems around the world and consulting with BC citizens.

It’s the fourth referendum in the country and the second in the province within the last 4 years. The previous referendum held in 2005 also voted on these same electoral systems and came within 2.3% of the 60% threshold. In order for the referendum to be binding, BC-STV will again need 60% of the popular vote and 50% of votes in 51 of the 85 ridings in BC. If the change is approved, it will be the first province in the country to adopt reform of the electoral system in recent history.

Fair Voting BC, recognized as the official proponent group, argues that STV will lead to fairer election results, effective local representation and greater voter choice. They argue that BC-STV will give voters the power to hold politicians and political parties accountable, by giving every voter a vote that actually makes a difference. If the STV system is approved, then it will be put into use for the first time for the 2013 provincial election.

The recognized opponent group is the No STV Campaign Society. Their arguments are that STV will give larger ridings, voters would be unsure of whom their MLA would be, there would be unequal geographic representation, that the counting method is too complicated, the electoral system results are unverified in practical usage, the system results in a higher probability of minority governments and the subsequent coalition of parties. They also argue that other countries who use systems similar to STV have had problems with their election results.

$500,000 in public funding has been given to both the proponents and the opponents of the referendum.

Is Botox Right For You?

Submitted by: Heather Colman

Botulin toxin, sold commercially under the brand name Botox, is an exceptionally potent neurotoxin that has found a variety of remarkable uses in modern medicine. It is also the most popular nonsurgical medical cosmetic treatment in the UK and USA.

Researchers discovered in the 1950s that injecting overactive muscles with minute quantities of botulinum toxin type A decreased muscle activity by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, thereby rendering the muscle unable to contract for a period of 4 to 6 months.

Alan Scott, a San Francisco ophthalmologist, first applied tiny doses of the toxin in a medicinal sense to treat crossed eyes and uncontrollable blinking, but a partner was needed to gain regulatory approval to market his discovery as a drug. Allergan, Inc., a small pharmaceutical company that focused on prescription eye therapies and contact lens products, bought the rights to the drug in 1988 and quickly received FDA approval in 1989. Allergan renamed the drug Botox.

Cosmetic benefits of Botox were quickly realized when the frown lines between the eyebrows appeared to soften following treatment for eye muscle disorders. The increased potential of Botox as a cosmetic treatment led to clinical trials and subsequent FDA approval in April 2002.

YouTube Preview Image

Currently, Botox is finding enormous additional potential in several therapeutic areas including the treatment of migraine headaches, cervical dystonia (a neuromuscular disorder involving the head and neck), blepharospasm (involuntary contraction of the eye muscles), and severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Other uses of botulinum toxin type A that are widely known but not approved by FDA include urinary incontinence, anal fissure, spastic disorders associated with injury or disease of the central nervous system including trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy and focal dystonias affecting the limbs, face, jaw, or vocal cords. It is also used off label for the treatment of TMJ, but a side effect in some patients is a jaw left too weak to chew solid food for about 3 months after the injection.

Treatment and prevention of chronic headache and chronic musculoskeletal pain are emerging uses for botulinum toxin type A. In addition, there is evidence that Botox may aid in weight loss by increasing the gastric emptying time.

As an alternative to Botox, anti-aging creams are heavily marketed and advertised on television, with the promise of looking younger and the reduction in visible wrinkles on the skin.

Traditionally, they have been targeted towards women, but products specifically targeting men are now common. This change may be due to the fact that many societies in recent years have seen an increased focus on young looks, including in men. Some men report that looking younger makes it easier to get a good job.

There are a range of cosmetic ‘treatments’ for the appearance of wrinkles on the skin such as plastic surgery and botox injections. One of the marketed advantages of anti-aging cream is that it is an alternative to these more extreme cosmetic treatments.

Critics take the view that the manufacturers of these products prey on the fears of women, and that the advertisements abuse science by claiming that their products are scientifically proven to work. It is said that the ‘scientific data’ is based on the perception of women who have tried the product, and are asked whether or not they think they look younger. These are the hallmarks of a placebo.

However, it is plausible that some of the anti-aging products could have a rejuvenating effect, as promised. However, the effects of most anti-aging products likely depends on their concentration and mode of application, making their effects less certain.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Liberal candidate Brian Jackson, Oxford

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Liberal candidate Brian Jackson, Oxford

Monday, October 1, 2007

Brian Jackson is running for the Ontario Liberal Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oxford riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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